fact sheet
Name: Artura
Function: Titan's surface agent
Date of birth: April 1st, 1958
Age: 88
Series: Stingray
Voice artist: Robert Easton
Source: Stingray 1965 Annual

Artura is better known as Titan's surface agent, code named X20. Artura was born in the underwater city of Khazu on April 1st, 1958. Small in stature and cowardly, he was bullied unmercifully as a child. Scholastically inclined, Artura became a scientist and specialized in electronics.

The underwater city of Khazu was conquered by Titan and Artura immediately offered his services to his new leader to spare his life. Titan appointed him a surface agent to spy on the land people and he took on the code name X20.

X20 is based in a seemingly abandoned house located near Marineville Base on the island of Lemoy. X20 is an expert of disguise and a talented actor. He often masks his true amphibian nature to walk among the surface people.

Despite many failures, X20 is intelligent and shrewd. He often suffers from bad luck. Extremely fearful of Titan, he will do anything his master commands him to do. Because of his duties, X20 has little time for leisure or hobbies. However, he does like to play the piano and organ.