fact sheet
Doctor Horatio Beaker
Name: Doctor Horatio Beaker
Date of birth: July 23d, 1912
Age: 57
Series: Supercar
Voice artist: David Graham
Source: Century 21 Magazine #10

Absent-minded Dr. Beaker was a child prodigy and excelled at every subject whilst at school. It was inevitable that he should go to one of the great Universities, so he went to Oxford and even coxed for them in the Boat Race, despite his height. He left University with Degrees in Electronics, Biology and Mathematics and worked for Vickers Aviation for a while before starting to teach at Cambridge University.

During the War, he worked for the Ministry of Food with Professor Magnus Pyke, educating the people in how to get the most nutrition from what food was available. In 1945, he returned to teaching and private research.

In 1953, during a tour of America, he met a scientist called Professor Popkiss. The two men struck up an instant friendship which led to Dr Beaker settling in Nevada at the home laboratory of Popkiss. They started work on a wonder machine that would be able to travel over any terrain, in the air and under the sea, but they needed a test pilot and in 1958 they met Mike Mercury who was only too pleased to join them in Nevada and help out.

Beaker is also, like Popkiss, dedicated to making Supercar better but he devotes a lot of his scarce leisure time to botany where he is still experimenting with food plants to enable us to get more nutrition out of them and he also puts his fertile mind into trying to get plants to grow in inhospitable areas.

He remains single, never having had the time to marry.