fact sheet
Bill Gibson
Name: Bill Gibson
Date of birth: February 9th, 1938
Age: 21
Series: Supercar
Voice artist: unknown
Source: Century 21 Magazine #10

Jimmy's older brother was educated at the local High School in Boise City, Idaho and became a mechanic. However, when his parents died, he used the money they left to set up his own transport business.

This proved difficult and it was a great help when the Supercar team offered to take care of Jimmy. In Bill's hands the business prospered and in 1962 he joined the Air Force and left his business in the care of a manager. Whilst in the Air Force he applied to join NASA and was successful.

His simple-mindedness is inherited from his father and this is Bill's biggest asset.

When he has any spare time, he enjoys visiting Black Rock and gliding. In fact he has built and flown many gliders of his own design. In 1964 he married his childhood sweetheart, Anne Stephens.