fact sheet
Alexandr Slanovicz
Name: Alexandr Slanovicz
Date of birth: January 29th, 1915
Age: 45
Series: Supercar
Voice artist: George Murcell
Source: Century 21 Magazine #10

Masterspy was born in Albania's second city, Shkoder. Despite Albania being a poor country, Masterspy's family was quite well off. Unfortunately this only served to make this only child greedy for more wealth. He left school at 14 in 1929 and drifted from job to job. He didn't need to work as his family's money kept him in affluent surroun­dings.

He served in the Albanian army in World War II and distinguished himself by being a coward and a bully. After the war things changed in the tiny European country and Masterspy took his new name as he wanted to be a master criminal and spy. While travelling Europe and America looking for suitable criminal types to join him, he chose Zarin. Masterspy's ideas are usually sound but due to both Zarin's bungling and his always being outsmarted, his career in crime has faltered.

In 1960 he learned about Supercar and the possession of the vehicle became his life's obsession. While he is not working on some underhand scheme, Masterspy keeps tropical fish.