Merchandise Guide

Compiled by Brad Newman
With additions by J. Lester Novros II
Annuals 1961, 1962 & 1963 Wm. Collins & Sons Co. Ltd
Bagatelle Chad Valley Co. Ltd
Balloons Ariel 1964
Lewis Knight & Co. Ltd
Belts Blackman Leather Goods
Barrow, Hepburn & Gale Ltd.
Paint Book
Wm. Collins & Sons Ltd. 1961
Paint Book
Puzzle & Quiz Book
Black Diamond Trail novel
World Distributors
TV Comic Holiday specials ?, UK
Little Golden Book
Little Spanish Book
Golden Press, USA
Picture puzzle book ?, UK
Cut-out coloring book ?, USA
Sticker book ?, Spain
Cards Sweet cigarette; two series of 25, colour paintings Como Confectionery Products Ltd. 1962
Eraza Colour & Re-Colour Cards Bell Toys Ltd.
Sun Eaze cards Tillmans
Children's rides coin-operated Edwin Hall & Co.
Roundabout Ride Harpe Peel Ltd.
Chocolate Play-Time Bar Charles Gardiner Ltd.
Cine-Viewer 8mm Graham Brothers
Colorforms Play Kits Two different Colorforms, USA 1962
Comics Gold Key, USA
?, Mexico
Eggcup Keele St. Pottery, UK
Games Hi-Bingo
Underwater Treasure Hunt
Compendium of Games
Bell Toys Ltd
Supercar to the Rescue Milton Bradley, USA 1962
Magnetic Adventures Allan Industries Ltd.
Target Game Magic Wand Toys
Card Game Ariel Productions Ltd. 1964
Magnetic road race Game ?, ?
Grotto Packs Bell Toys Ltd.
Halloween cosutme Mike Mercury costume Collegeville, USA
Home movies Flight of Fancy
The Lost City
200ft b&w Mountain Films Ltd.
Island Incident
Ice Fall
Pirate Plunder
Phantom Piper
100ft b&w
Intercom Set Guiterman & Co. Ltd.
Jigsaws Deep Sea Adventures
Preparing for Take-Off
Tower Press Ltd.
Supercar powered by an electric motor which drives either a water screw or wheels ???, Japan
clockwork powered 10½" long with 5½" wingspan unlicensed version labeled as Attack Series No.3 Sky Car AS—3 Aoshima, Japan
licensed version labeled as Super Car Aoshima, Japan 1963
licensed version labeled as New Supercar Aoshima, Japan 1967
labeled as Super Car Tamiya, Japan 1962
Lunchbox with Thermos Flask Universal
Magic slate Bell Toys, Ltd.
Money Box clock shaped Linda/Randall & Wood Ltd.
Moulding Outfits Seamer Products, Sculptorcraft Ltd.
Mugs Keele St Pottery Co. Ltd.
Playsuit Mike Mercury Suit D. Dekker Ltd. 1963
Pocket watch Smiths Empire
Polypix Cavendish Distributors Co.
Presentation Play Set Box miniatures of 5 main characters & tiny Supercar Cecil Coleman Ltd.
Projectors Give•A•Show Chad Valley Co. Ltd.
slide projector with 16mm loops Bell Toys Ltd.
Jollyfilm Viewer Gift Pack Peak Film Productions 1963
Puppets glove puppet Chad Valley Co. Ltd
string puppets of Mike Mercury, Professor Popkiss, Doctor Beaker and Jimmy Gibson Peltham Puppets Ltd. 1962
Quoits Chad Valley Co. Ltd.
For more extensive [and possibly more accurate] information on Barry Gray's music on vinyl and CD, read his discography
Golden Guinea Flight of Fancy Pye Records
Theme Peter Pan Records
Supercar Club Record, includes episode Sabotage National Records LYN 250
Supercar Theme & Twist by Charles Blackwell Dave Toff Music Publishers
Sheet Music Dave Toff Music Publishers Ltd.
Slateboards Two different Marvel, USA
Slippers Bacup Show Co.
Snowstorms Three different Linda/Randall & Wood Ltd.
Spacemaker kit Plastic wallet containing Fireball XL5 colour slide with special magnifier and holder, Spacemaker badge made up of the Supercar Wings and plastic medallion with secret pocket for magnifier A.P. Films Merchandising
Tableware Keele St Pottery Co. Ltd.
Ties V.H. Winter Ltd.
Die-Cast 5", retractable wings Guiterman Group of Companies
Die-Cast Budgie 1962
Die-Cast, came with set of 5 figurines of Mike Mercury, Professor Popkiss, Doctor Beaker, Jimmy and Mitch Coleman
Plastic Fairylite
Friction Drive 8" Graham Brothers
Plastic 12", retractable wings, Mike Mercury at the control Shipton Plastics Ltd.
10" replica, remote-control, battery, disc-steering car Remco Ltd.
'Flying Supercar' model
Metal Yoshiya, Japan 1962
Attack Seven Sky Car [revised toy] Aoshima ASC 1" 1962
plastic model kit Tamiya, Japan 1962
Transfers Two sets of 32 Mamelok Press Ltd.
Viewmaster Reel The Cave Monster GAF
This compilation ©1981 Brad Newman,
header art Graham Bleathman
published originally in Supermarionation Is Go! #3
images sourced from eBay, Destiny One, Metropolis Toys, Vectis Auctions, Moonbase Central
and online Supercar memorabilia museum websites