the Thunderbirds 65 poster
A Pod 4 Films Production
©2015 Pod 4 Films

Production Team

Producer • Director • Editor, Story Adaptation
Stephen La Rivière
Artistic Supervision • Director • Film Editor
Justin T. Lee
David Elliott, Stephen La Rivière, Justin T. Lee
Associate Producer • Film Editor
Andrew T. Smith
Production Manager
Susan Buck
Director of Photography
David Graham Hicks
Puppetry Supervision
Lindsay Lee
Art & Model Department
Hilton Fitzsimmons, Richard Gregory, David Tremont
Puppet Creation
Barry Davies
Original Series Special Effects Director
Derek Meddings
Music Composer and Director
Barry Gray
Puppet Operators
Géraldine Donaldson, Mary Turner
Stephen Mansfield, Judith Shutt
2nd Unit Special Effects Camera
Boyd Skinner
Assistant Director • Film Editor
Elliot Pavelin
Sound Editor
Mark Ayres
Malcolm Smith
Set Construction
Toby Chamberlain, David Mason, Andy Rolfe
Model Makers
Keith Fraser, Andrew Grimshaw, Mamas Pitsillis
Puppet Properties
Carl Stirling-Stewart
Lady Penelope’s Wigs
Amy Holt
Unit Photographer
James Fielding
Thunderbirds Creators
Gerry & Sylvia Anderson

Voice Artists

John Tracy & The Hood
Ray Barrett
Jeff Tracy
Peter Dyneley
Brains, Kyrano, Parker & Gordon Tracy
David Graham
Lady Penelope
Sylvia Anderson
Tin Tin & Grandma
Christine Finn
Virgil Tracy
David Holliday/Jeremy Wilkin
Scott Tracy
Shane Rimmer
Alan Tracy
Matt Zimmerman