Barratt's trading cards

1967 series

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Thunderbird 4 floating at open sea Barrats card back
No. 1
A Second Series of 50
Thunderbird 4 with Gor­don at the controls. This is the under­water craft of the Inter­natio­nal Rescue and is usually car­ried to and from the trouble zones aboard the vast frei­ghter craft, Thunder­bird 2. Here we see the craft riding smoothly on the surface of the sea. Note the unusual design of the craft.
Virgil behind the wheels of an elevator car Barrats card back
No. 2
A Second Series of 50
Virgil, pilot of Thunder­bird 2, is here seen at the controls of one of the ele­vator cars which are containied in one of the freight pods. This is the mas­ter car from which Virgil can control a string of these ve­hicles by re­mote control. You may remember how effectively these vehicles were used to bring Air Terrainean's super "Fireflash" airliner to a safe landing.