Bloomsbury postcards

Thunderbird 5 floating in space
Jeff Tracy sitting behind his desk in evening dress, reading the Thunderbirds Are GO novel while lady Penelope looks over his shoulder
Scott Tracy in Thunderbird 1's cockpit
lady Penelope, Alan, Scott and Jeff Tracy, Tin-Tin, Gordon Tracy, Brains, Virgil and John Tracy, all wearing evening clothes, gathered around a settee in Creighton-ward mansion's drawing room
FAB1 parked in front of Creighton-Ward mansion
medium shot of John Tracy in front of Thunderbird 5's instrument panel, holding a microphone
3/4 top view of Thunderbird 2, hydraulic legs extended, standing on the tarmac in front of a pair of buildings
3/4 upward view of the Mole
3/4 front view of Thunderbird 4 in pod #4
3/4 top view of Parker behind the wheel of FAB1
full frontal view of Thunderbird 2 leaving its hangar
medium shot of the Hood, arms half raised
Thunderbird 2 on its launch ramp angled upward with ignited engines
Thunderbird 1 taking off from its transporter trolley in its launchbay
Thunderbird 1 pursuing a van
Thunderbird 1 rising from its launchbay, Tracy villa in the background
Gordon and Virgil Tracy, accompanied by Brains, in Thunderbird 2's cockpit
lady Penelope dressed in pink fur sitting in a massive pink canopy bed, Parker standing in the door opening
Thunderbird 3 flying off into space, engines blazing
the Mole trundling down pod #3's ramp