fact sheet
Hiram (K.) Hackenbacker
Name: Hiram (K.) Hackenbacker
Date of birth: unk.
Age: unk.
Series: Thunderbirds
Voice artist: David Graham
Source: Thunderbirds 1966 Annual

Not one of the Tracy family, Brains is none the less one of the most vital components of the International Rescue organisation.

In his late teens, he has brain power and inventive genius beyond his age and is the master mind behind all the wonder machines used by the organisation.

Very seriousminded, he is never satisfied with what he produces and is constantly working on modifications to his creations.

Brains' hobbies include trigonometry and thermodynamics, and the pursuit of perfecting a robot named Araman who he hopes will one day defeat him at chess. He is currently involved, in his spare time, in translating Einstein's Theory of Relativity into Latin.

Orphaned when a hurricane struck his Michigan home, Brains was adopted at the age of twelve by a Cambridge University professor who recognised the young boy's phenomenal power of learning.

Jeff Tracy's contact with Brains followed after the older man had conceived the idea of International Rescue. Jeff realised that a mind of super ability would be needed to make the organisation a reality and he toured the world searching for a genius.

Jeff's enquiries and questing led him to a small cultural hall in Paris, and instantly Tracy realised that Brains, who was nervously delivering a fantastic lecture, was the man to fulfil a dream.

Brains accepted the challenge without hesitation.