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Episode Guide

Thunderbirds To The Rescue †
Thunderbirds In Outer Space •
Thunderbirds: Countdown To Disaster ‡
Main Voice Cast
Sylvia Anderson
Lady Penelope
Ray Barrett
John Tracy / the Hood
Peter Dyneley
Jeff Tracy
Christine Finn
Grandma Tracy / Tin-Tin
David Graham
Aloysius Parker / Brains / Kyrano / Gordon Tracy
David Holliday
Virgil Tracy [1 – 26]
Shane Rimmer
Scott Tracy
Jeremy Wilkin
Virgil Tracy [27 – 32]
Matt Zimmerman
Alan Tracy
For the following six episodes
Jeremy Wilkin stepped in for David Holliday as Virgil's voice artist and
remodelled puppets made for the Thunderbirds Are Go! feature film were used
This compilation ©1984 David Hirsch
published originally in Supermarionation Is Go! #11
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