Fireflash cutaway
Five hundred gleaming, pencil slim Fireflash aircraft form the spearhead of World Airlines' passenger fleet, the largest and most up to date in the Universe.
Operating all over the globe, this huge fleet represents 30,000 passengers at any given time, for the Fireflash, with its seating capacity of 600, is the largest airliner in service.
Powered by six atomic engines sited in the elevated tailplane, the Fireflash has a cruising speed of 2,800 m.p.h. which enables it to fly to New York from London in one hour forty-five minutes.
Since coming into service in 2063, the Fireflash has proved its efficiency and plans are already under way for a larger version powered by cobalt engines.
key to the different compartments of the Fireflash aircraft
1st Class Accomodation
Luggage Bay
Pilot Cabin
6 "Atomus" Turbojets
Tourist Accomodation
Galleys, Washrooms, etc.
Car Ferry Hold
Wing lounge
Atomic Bay
Folding Wingtip and
Nacelle Undercart
Key to cutaway drawing

Technical specifications published originally in TV21 1967 Annual

Technical Specifications
name: Fireflash
designer: Derek Meddings