Izawa trading cards

Izawa cards wrapper Izawa cards wrapper
medium shot of Jeff Tracy
No. 1: Jeff Tracy, head of International Rescue
Scott Tracy at London Airport control tower holding a microphone and surrounded by equipment labelled 'International Rescue' talking to commander Norman while two other airport officials look on
No. 2: Scott Tracy ay London Airport
Thunderbird 1 taking off with blazing engines from its transportation trolley in its launchbay
No. 3: Thunderbird 1
Thunderbird 2 landing at London Airport
No. 4: Thunderbird 2
the Mole patiently waiting in its pod
No. 5: Earth drilling 'Mole' transported in Thunderbird 2
Thunderbnird 3 taking off through the round house
No. 6: Thunderbird 3
Thunderbird 5 floating in space
No. 7: Thunderbird 5
side view of Tracy villa
No. 8: Tracy Island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean
Virgil Tracy, Brains and Scott Tracy huddled over a drawing in Brains' laboratory
No. 9: Brains, Scott and Virgil are planning a rescue operation
lady Penelope having tea in Creighton-Ward mansion's drawing room
No. 10: Lady Penelope who is relaxing in her room
3/4 top view of Thunderbird 2 in flight
No. 11: Thunderbird 2
FAB1 parked in front of a wrought iron gate, to its left a sign saying 'for sale - Gillis & son'
No. 12: FAB 1, Rolls Royce owned by Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward
portrait of lady Penelope in evening dress
No. 13: Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward
medium shot of Parker holding a salver
No. 14: Aloysius Parker, Lady Penelope's trusted servant
full frontal of Brains
No. 15: Brains, scientific genius, inventor of all International Rescue machines
medium shot of the Hood
No. 16: The Hood, enemy of International Rescue
Brains and Scott Tracy standing behind a table holding chemical equipment in Brains' laboratory
No. 17: Brains and Scott at the laboratory
a sleek passenger jet in front of an airport control tower
No. 18: Fireflash, the world's fastest airliner
images sourced from the Catawiki website