fact sheet
John Tracy
Name: John Tracy
Function: Mans Thunderbird 5
Date of birth: October 8th, 2001
Age: 25
Series: Thunderbirds
Voice artist: Ray Barrett
Source: Thunderbirds 1966 Annual

Fair and handsome, twenty-five-year-old John is the dreamer of the Tracy household.

Much of his time is spent as monitor in Thunderbird 5, International Rescue's space station, and in this position he is generally the first person to alert the island base of any disaster.

An electronics expert with a degree in laser communi­cations, John is the quietest and most intellectual of all the boys.

His favourite pastime is to study astronomy and his job as space monitor gives him ample opportunity to pursue this hobby.

The discovery of the Tracy quasar system was due to John's incessant space searching, and four astronomy and outer space textbooks bearing his name have been published.

Slighter in build than his brothers, John is a tremen­dously lithe and graceful person. At school he obtained many awards for athletics which he insists has attributed to his clearness of thought and mental abilities.

Following in his father's footsteps, John became an astronaut after leaving Harvard University. This experience was invaluable when he returned home to become involved with International Rescue, for when Alan Tracy relieves him in the space station the command of Thunderbird 3 is handed over to John.