fact sheet
Name: Kyrano
Status: Jeff Tracy's manservant and the Hood's halfbrother
Date of birth: unk.
Age: unk.
Series: Thunderbirds
Voice artist: David Graham
Source: Thunderbirds 1966 Annual

The faithful friend and manservant of Jeff Tracy, Kyrano is of Malaysian extract.

He has known his master for many years and there is nothing he would not do for the Tracy household.

Kindly and intelligent, he is an expert botanist and spent a number of years at Kew Gardens, England, advising on Asian species of orchids.

Jeff Tracy first met Kyrano at the Kennedy Space Centre. The inoffensive man was installed there to help produce synthetic foods from plants. It was part of a programme to produce concentrated food in tablet and paste form to be used by astronauts in space.

Dealing with food helped Kyrano to become interested in the culinary arts, and after his scientific work at Cape Kennedy he moved to Paris to become head chef in the Paris Hilton Hotel.

Kyrano's father was an extremely wealthy man, owning vast estates and rubber plantations in the East.

Instead of inheriting his rightful share in his father's will, Kyrano was deposed by his vicious half-brother and eventually lost interest in material gain, wishing only for peace of mind and happiness.

These desires he realised when Jeff Tracy contacted him to help in the running of the Tracy Island domestic chores.

Kyrano's only failing is that he is susceptible to the evil influence of his half-brother, the Hood.

He is often used as a pawn in the Hood's attempts to ruin International Rescue.