Marusho trading cards

Marusho cards wrapper
Thunderbird 1 taking off with blazing engines from its transportation trolley in its launchbay
Thunderbird 2 emerging from its hangar
Thunderbird 2 landing at London Airport
3/4 view of Thunderbird 2 in flight, a small airplane diving down from above
an upward view of Thunderbird 2 hulking over the pod conveyor belt
red six-wheeled vehicle marked 'International Rescue' with an elevator crane on the back parked in one of Thunderbird 2's pods
Thunderbird 3 in flight, engines blazing
Thunderbird 4 exploring the sea bottom
Thunderbird 5 floating in space
3/4 upward view of a large plane marked 'USAF'
upward view of Zero-X taking to the skies
an oil rig marked 'Seascape' standing in the middle of a large body of water
Scott Tracy sitting in Thunderbird 1's pilot chair holding a microphone
Scott Tracy at London Airport control tower holding a microphone and surrounded by equipment labelled 'International Rescue' talking to commander Norman while two other airport officials look on
Brains and Virgil Tracy in the control room of a vehicle, one of the occupants is slumped over a control console, Virgil is checking the pulse of another stretched out on the floor
Gordon and Alan Tracy hanging out in Tracy villa's living room
Kyrano serving drinks to Tin-Tin and Alan Tracy
lady Penelope and Parker driving along in FAB1
images sourced from the Catawiki website