fact sheet
Lady Penelope Creighton–Ward
Name: Lady Penelope Creighton–Ward
Status: International Rescue's London agent, being driven in FAB 1
Date of birth: December 24th, 1999
Age: 27
Series: Thunderbirds
Voice artist: Sylvia Anderson
Source: Thunderbirds 1966 Annual

The British agent for International Rescue, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward operates from her stately home in England.

To the outside world she appears to be one of the idle rich, but to all enemies of world peace she is elegant, charming and deadly dangerous.

Of true aristocratic blood, her Ladyship's tastes in fashion are as modern as the designer's first pencil stroke. She has nerves of steel and becomes quickly bored with inactivity, choosing to travel the world in search of adventure and intrigue.

Gadgets of all descriptions are essential to Lady Penelope's role as special agent and if she can discover a machine to complete the simplest of tasks she will install it in her fabulous mansion or pink Rolls-Royce without a second thought.

She is polite to a fault and extremely generous, often helping less fortunate people by financial and comforting aid.

The association between her Ladyship and Jeff Tracy began when Jeff, having set up the International Rescue organisation, was looking for an agent in Europe.

Penelope was already active as a brilliant spy and after a very difficult test, which she passed with flying colours, Jeff invited her to join the team.

Since joining the organisation, Lady Penelope has proved her worth as a valuable agent.

There are many instances where her behind-the-scene work has contributed largely to the success of an International Rescue operation.