fact sheet
Scott Tracy
Name: Scott Tracy
Status: Eldest son
Function: pilots Thunderbird 1
Date of birth: April 4th, 2000
Age: 26
Series: Thunderbirds
Voice artist: Shane Rimmer
Source: Thunderbirds 1966 Annual

At twenty-six, dark-haired Scott is the eldest of the Tracy boys. He was educated at Yale and Oxford Universities and during his term of service in the U.S. Air Force gained many decorations for valour and bravery.

His main job is to fly Thunderbird 1, International Rescue's reconnaissance aircraft, but his duties extend to the control of the organisation whenever his father is absent from the island headquarters.

In addition, he invariably accompanies Alan Tracy as co-astronaut in Thunderbird 3.

There is much of his father in Scott's character... he is always ready to enjoy a joke and speaks in a short decisive fashion, often letting his final words trail to nothing.

Tremendously powerful in a physical sense, he is also extremely knowledgeable and wastes no time in making up his mind.

The responsibility of accessing a disaster situation and deciding on what Rescue craft to use, falls on Scott's shoulders because he is nearly always the first man to arrive on the scene of a calamity.

With unending energy, he manages to exist on very little sleep and is always a vital, light-hearted person seemingly without a care in the world.