1966 Somportex trading cards

Somportex cards wrapper Somportex cards wrapper keyring to be obtained in exchange for 24 wrappers
a red tracked vehicle with a light emitting device at the front in a desert environment Somportex card back
the thunderizer
Mainly used for blasting away at heavy obstacles, saving precious minutes when lives are at stake! A dynamic unit produces electrical dis­charges more powerful than light­ning.
a yellow tracked vehicle marked 'Firefly' with a large scoop at the front with a cannon sticking through Somportex card back
the firefly
Capable of piercing solid matter, often saves lives by providing instant air-holes to trapped miners, etc. Atomic neutrons are concentrated into a single cell which, when fired, desintegrates solid matter.
lady Penelope reading a magazine in her garden pavillion Somportex card back
ornamental garden
This beautiful garden arbour lies se­cluded in the grounds of the mag­nificent stately home of Lady Pene­lope Creighton-Ward and pro­vides a welcome retreat.
wrapper images sourced from the Catawiki website