1966 Somportex trading cards

black&white series

British Somportex cards wrapper back British Somportex cards wrapper front
UK packaging
US Somportex cards wrapper
US packaging
Somportex cards back sides illustration
the 'secret message' on the reverse side of the cards
Virgil Tracy leaning back on the tilting wall panel
No. 1 Virgil on Thunderbird 1 pilot's ramp.
Shute folds to convert to pilot's seat.
John Tracy in Thunderbird 5 holding a microphone
No. 2 John answers distress call on his high
secret frequency band remote radio mike.
Thunderbird 2, VTOL jets ablaze, landing at the airport
No. 3 Thunderbird 2 landing on retro jets at London Airport.
the Hood in his temple standing with hands raised before an Oriental statue
No. 4 Hood invoking his strange hoodoo
powers over Kyrano, his half brother.
a sleek passenger jet at the airport, a control tower visible in the background
No. 5 Fire Flash about to take off on maiden flight from
London Airport to Tokyo. Passenger capacity 600.