Thunderbirds Are GO! brochure front

as explained elsewhere on this site, the Century 21 studios produced two feature films, Thunderbirds Are GO! and Thunderbird 6. To promote their first feature production, Century 21 published a 50 page brochure detailing the story and parting with the occasional technical information, chockful of photographs of the craft and protagonists but also a wealth of behind–the–scenes pictures, in both B&W and colour.

My good friend and supercollector Theo de Klerk scanned in the complete publication and was kind enough to provide me with the resulting images which I duly web–ified. To do justice to the zeitgeist of the original, using CSS' latest capabilites such as transform and downloadable fonts, I attempted to stay as close to the brochure's layout and typography as possible, all the more so since a large number of the illustrations were spread over two pages. This inevitably means that those of you viewing this on oldskool low resolution CRT monitors will have to contend with horizontal scrolling [And I won't even mention those unlucky souls who have no access to a browser with an up–to–date rendering engine; I'm afraid the layout will suffer]. If you are lucky enough to have a modern LCD screen, maximize your browser window if you haven't already done so and enjoy a piece of Supermarionation history which, to my knowledge, hasn't been seen widely before. Thunderbirds Are GO!