Lady Penelope's mansion Aloysius 'Nosey' Parker Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward puppteer Wanda Webb tends to 'er ladyship wardrobe mistress Betty Coleman puts scissors to cloth at the press conference FAB 1 on the road
enter — her ladyship

The tea pot buzzes in the Creighton­Ward mansion. Jeff Tracy has made contact with Lady Penelope.

Quickly Jeff outlines his plan to her ladyship, explaining that she will pose as the representative of a British magazine at the astronauts' press conference due to take place the next day.

Parker is summoned and Penny tells him that they are immediately taking off for America with Fab One, her Rolls–Royce.

Before making an appearance on set, Lady Penelope receives final attention from puppeteer Wanda Webb.

betty coleman—wardrobe

The wardrobe stocks seven hundred minature costumes at any given time and one hundred and fifty were used in 'Thunderblrds Are Go'. A full suit or uniform, takes two days to make and the toughest job is tailoring the costumes so that the puppets have freedom to move.

One suit requires a yard of cloth and if an out­fit is damaged in a scene, to match the colour of the material is a major headache.

In one period thirteen costumes had to be made in four days.

penelope's gift

The next day, Lady Penelope attends the press conference and manages to present each astronaut with a St. Christopher badge. The Zero X crew agree to wear the gifts under their lapels and soon realise that security, in the shape of a beautiful lady, is close at hand.

Launch day dawns and Parker drives Fab One to Glenn Field. It is imperative that Lady Penelope is at hand for she is certain her St. Christophers are going to reveal the presence of the saboteur.

Taking up a position in the press enclosure, Penny instructs Parker to operate certain controls in the Rolls–Royce, and one by one a signal is received. The signals are transmitted by the St. Christophers.