FAB 1 on the road FAB 1 on the road Penny and Parker in FAB 1 FAB 1 on the water using the radiator cannon
the chase

With a screech of tyres the Hood's saloon tears away from the Control Tower and smashes its way through the security check points.

Parker meanwhile has managed to locate the real Dr. Grant, and Lady Penelope gives Scott, once more back at his mobile control unit, the details.

Then the thrill of the chase is on! To Parker's delight he is ordered to set off in pursuit of the fleeing Hood.

At full speed, Fab One follows the master of a thousand disguises, but twisting mountain roads force Parker to drive with extra caution.

The road leads to the coast. Lady Penelope glances down the sheer mountain side and realises that the Hood is making for a speed boat. It is impossible to reach him befom the powerful vessei has left the jetty, but the Hood has reckoned without the versatility of the Rolls–Royce.

Unflinching, Parker steers Fab One straight into the sea where built–in hydrofoils lower beneath the limousine to lift it clear of the waves.

The Hood is making for the opposite side of the bay where a helicopter Is waiting.

Lady Penelope does not intend to

touch of a lever and a flap opens in Fab One's radiator grille. A machine cannon smoothly protrudes, and after adjusting to correct range, sends out a salvo of perfectly aimed shots.

Plunging into the sea, the helicopter explodes in a ball of flame, and then disappears below ths waves.

give up so easily. She urges Parker onwards, telling him to prepare for an aerial attack.

The attack comes. Desperately trying to destroy his pursuers, the Hood opens fire on ths Rolls–Royce, narrowly missing the car.

Then Parker goes into action. The