Paul Travers the Zero X crew inside the cabin Brad Newman Glenn Field controller Zero X climbs to the sky Zero X takes off a technician tends to the Zero X Schermuly rocket charges
all systems read green
rockets for
a rocket

As the drama at sea is enacted. Dr. Grant is found to be safe and well. He takes his place aboard Zero X and the countdown reaches its climax.

The Martian Exploration Protect has had a two year interruption, but now, with Thunderbirds in close attendance, the great ship roars into the sky and climbs majestically towards the blackness of outer space.

Made of fibre glass, the Zero X took many weeks to construct. The jet engines contain real rockets with special, long duratlon charges which are electronically detonated by remote control.

A visual effect sequence such as the launch of Zero X has to be timed to the last vital second and may take days to prepare before an inch of film is shot.