puppeteer Mary Turner tends to the Cliff puppet FAB 1 docks with the Shooting Star club Cliff Richard Jr. and the Shadows on stage the Bruce Welch puppet the Hank Marvin puppet the Brian Locking puppet the Brian Bennett puppet filming FAB 1 docking at the Shooting Star club
Puppeteer mary turner with puppet Cliff Richard
cliff richard
and the

The model of Fab One is seven feet
in length and fully operational.

For the puppeteers and pup­pet workshop teams, the sculpt­ing of faces to look exactly like Cliff Richard and the Shadows was perhaps their most demanding task ever.

Not only were facial like­nesses essential, but the boys' particular characteristics had to be accounted for.

In real life, Cliff, Hank, Bruce, Brian and John move about the stage with professional timing and rhythm.

These movements had to be studied and learned by the pup­peteers so that the puppets they held eight feet below them acted and danced, stood and played, in the same manner as the popular stars they por­trayed,

The Rolls-Royce cost nearly £2,000. Two other models of the car were used in the film, one of 1 foot 6 inches in length, the other only 3 inches Iong.