Penny in FAB 1 with Cliff at the wheel David Lane at work Alan, Brains, Virgil, Scott and Jeff at the Tracy Island pool side Cliff Jr., Penny and Alan in FAB 1, the Shadows sitting on the hood the backside of the TV watch set the front of the TV watch set head puppeteer Christine Glanville and Shadow member Brian Bennett width the BB and Cliff Jr. puppets
The Director Directs
tv watch of the future
back to earth

David Lane checks that Cliff Richard Junior is in the correct position to chauffeur Lady Penelope's Rolls-Royce.

A special uniform had to be made for the puppet and making sure the creases fall exactly right on the seated figure can take as long as an hour of Dave's time.

Cliff and the Shadows perform a 'way out' number on Fab One

The television watch contains a screen that actually receives live TV images.

The complicated wiring systems force the watch to take on large proportions, but when man discovers more compact methods to reduce the size he will adopt the self same principle as used in 'Thunderbirds Are Go'.

Alan forgets his dream in the ensuing weeks, and then, as the Tracy household enjoys a hot summer's day, a radio message is received by John Tracy in the International Rescue space satellite Thunderbird 5.

Captain Paul Travers gives the tremendous news that the Mars Excursion Vehicle has separated successfully from Zero X and landed on the surface of Mars.

Christine Glanville, head pup­peteer, chats things over with both Brian Bennetts as Cliff looks on.