the M.E.V. races through the Martian landscape a rock snake uncoils the M.E.V. gets pelted by the rock snakes a rock snake lets loose the M.E.V makes a getaway
m.e.v. attacked
by martian rock

The M.E.V. trundles over the eerie, sandy surface of the Red Planet and all is quiet. Then, as the scientists check instruments and survey the weird landscape, strange rock columns are noticed at intervals amidst the craggy boulders.

Suddenly, the columns uncoil and form into snake-like shapes.

The M.E.V. crew watch in tense excitement, the sound of pulsating heartbeats filling the cabin like the pounding of a drum.

Next second . . . attack! The rock snakes unleash a fusillade of devastating fire, spitting balls of unknown explosive in the direction of the visiting craft.

Paul Travers desperately retaliates, bombarding the unearthly columns with the M.E.V.'s rockets.

They have no choice but to leave the hostile planet in a hurry.