Gerry Anderson Thunderbird 1
supercar . . .   fireball xl5 . . .   stingray . . .   thunderbirds

If one word was required to cover all these fantastic­ally popular television programmes, many viewers, young and old, would think of the word . . .


This is not surprising, for one of the first impressions created by gerry anderson's fabu­lous TV series is the visual effects detonations.

But the word has other impli­cations beyond that first vital point. Puppets made from fibre­glass, wood, wire and wonderful magic, explode into life at the passing of each second.

Stories blast to new heights of dramatic adventure, like tongues of flame searing into the sky. Mechanical skill erupts to genius and brilliance as the cameras turn.

A dedicated and resourceful team has dynamited to success.

Yes–explosion is the right word to describe the growth in size and stature of a company that has become one of the lar­gest television producing organsations in the world.

Twelve months ago, the fuses were lit beneath another arsenal of gunpowder. The atom of an idea in the mind of Gerry Anderson was to burst into a project that had the force of an atomic bomb on the entertain­ment world.

Those smoldering fuses burnt down to the flash point. Thunder­birds were ready to explode from the black and white television screen to the might of full scale cinema techniscope in vivid Technicolor.

All systems read green . . . the firing button has been activated. The explosion is complete . . .