Scott and Virgil at the pool table John aboard Thunderbird 5 Thunderbird 2 launch stage 1 Thunderbird 2 launch stage 2 Thunderbird 2 launch stage 3 Thunderbird 2 launch stage 4 modelmaker working on Thunderbird 2 front section Thunderbird 2 launch stage 5 Thunderbird 2 launch stage 6 Thunderbird 2 launch stage 7 Thunderbird 5 Thunderbird 2 about to take off
a quiet game of snooker . . the news that zero x is on re–entry
then . . .
thunderbird 2

Putting the final touches to just one of the Thunder­bird 2 sections. Several models are used and each one is build exactly to scale and detail.

After a dramatic rendezvous in space, Zero X starts on its six weeks journey back to Earth.

All goes well until the lifting bodies, jettisoned previously, rejoin the ship.

Lifting Body 2 develops a radio control fault and collides with the main craft.

Emergency calls reach Thunderbird 5 as Zero X plummets Earthwards to certain destruction, Jeff Tracy leaps into action. Thunderbird 1 with Scott and Brains aboard is ordered to head for Glenn Field so that exact details can be relayed to Virgil, Gordon and Alan in Thunderbird 2 . . . for it is going to be their job, with the air to air rescue equipment, to try and save the doomed spacecraft,

Racing against time, Virgil selects the Pod and is soon moving Thunderbird 2 out of the cliff house and along the road to the launch ramp.

The palm trees fold back to allow the great aircraft's wing tips to pass and soon the ramp is raised and Thunderbird 2 blasts off.