Thunderbird 2 in flight Thunderbird 2 underneath Zero X Thunderbird 3 launches through the round house Jeff Tracy behind his desk Alan fixes the escape capsule mechanism

Racing against time, Thunderbird 2 races to a rendezvous position with the doomed craft.

Then come two further shocks. It is learned that Zero X is on a crash course that will bring it down on the small township of Craigsville, snd the escape unit system tor the pilots has failed.

Immediately the order goes out from Glenn Field to evacuate Craigsville and guided by

Scott, who has reached Glenn Field, Thunderbird 2 moves steadily nearer to its target.

Alan quickly changes into his rescue gear and is soon ready to make one of the most daring rescues of his career.

ln continual contact from Tracy lsland, Jeff Tracy listens anxious/y as Thunderbird 2 makes contact with Zero X.

The plan is for a line to be fired aboard the massive Mars ship. The undercarriage is lowered and with careful aim, Gordon presses the trigger of a rocket gun.

The cable attached to the rocket streaks upwards and like a metal leech grips the wall of the nose wheel compartment.