Alan hanging underneath the Zero X David Lane directs sculptor John Brown for a live insert Thunderbird 1 sets down Thunderbird 2 underneath Zero X Zero X descends, trailing a plume of smoke
time running out
rapid descent

Dave Lane gives a final brief to John Brown who prepares to enact certain scenes that cannot be completed by the puppets. Live action inserts present their own special problem . . . full size costumes and apparatus has to be perfectly scaled to coincide with the puppet equiva­lents.

Whilst the two aircraft move at incredible speed, Alan is winched inch by inch up the cable into Zero X.

At last he is aboard and now there are just four and a half minutes before the Zero X will plunge to certain destruction.

Over radio earphones built into his helmet, Alan hears Brains who gives exact details from the ground.

Disconnecting certain wires from the faulty escape junction boxes, Alan channels them to a special translstorised Unit.

Paul Travers remains at the controls of his rapidly descending aircraft, trying to keep the great blazing machine steady. His crew and the two space scientists move to the escape unit.

Alan has a little time left. The ground looms up and Thunderbird 2 is forced to switch position above Zero X.

Less than half a minute remains for the six men. Sweating, Alan completes his task and is hauled clear by Thunderbird 2.

Then, from Glenn Field, Scott operates remote control signals . . . and a moment later they all know the answer.