Thunderbird 2 hovers over the road the Swinging Star parking lot Alan meets up with Penny and Parker in FAB 1 Thunderbird 2 in flight Alan and Jeff in disguise at the Swinging Star Parker behind the wheel Penny and Alan at the table in the Swinging Star
a dream
comes true

The danger is not over for Alan. Due to his hasty departure from Zero X, the cable he grips becomes fouled on the side of Thunderbird 2.

Virgil has no choice but to lower his brother to the ground — but a welcome sight reaches Alan's eyes. Lady Penelope arrives in Fab One to collect him.

Then comes a happy surprise for the daring young man. Lady Penelope informs him that when he is ready they are going to visit a night club.

That evening Alan's dream comes true. He finds himself at the 'Swinging Star'.

In public places, the International Rescue personnel team are required to wear disguises. Alan is proud of his neat moustache . . . until a bearded gentleman at the next table speaks.

Surprise follows surprise as Alan realises that the entire Thunderbirds team is there to toast the hero of the day — Alan Tracy.