Tracy Island Barry Gray Tracy villa Gordon on the balcony the boys in the living room Jeff and Tin-Tin
barry gray
Musical Director

An essential part of 'Thunderbirds Are Go' is the tremendous music created by Barry Gray. One of the foremost composers and musicians in the country, Barry not only conducted a 70 piece orchestra to produce his 21st Century musical impact but also used many electronic effects that he has devised.

calling international rescue

The Martian Exploration Project officials finaily agree to the one member's suggestion. By means of newspaper appeals, word reaches the lonely Pacific island which conceals the closely guarded secrets of the International Rescue organisation.

With the Tracy boys and Tin Tin waiting in

tense excitement, Jeff Tracy deliberates upon his decision to assist the Zero X launch. Then he makes up his mind. Thunderbirds 1, 2 and 3 are ordered to take off immediately.

Unhappily Gordon Tracy is forced to stand by. On this assignment Thunderbird 4 is not needed.