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lift off—
thunderbird 1
derek meddings

The lift off order has been given, Time is invaluable . . . the penalty for delay could be disaster. From the Tracy lounge pilot scott tracy is carried on a moving gantry to the waiting craft. Immediately, an intricate system of moving tracks and ramps carries the giant rocket downwards to the launch pad.

Even as the 15,000 m.p.h. ship settles on the pad the huge, luxurious swimming pool basin above slides from sight. Massive atomic engines explode into life and amidst a rising column of flame snd smoke the silver bullet screams for the sky. Thunderbird 1 is go!

derek meddings
—Supervising visual effects director

Twenty-eight visual effects men, including three directors, working on just three stages, come under the control of this energetic young genius.

An artist of great talent, Derek designed every craft in the 'Thunderbirds Are Go' film . . . then made sure, after they were built that they were dirty enough to look real!

New and gleaming, a model arrives at the studios and at once a column of men go to great lengths to rub in grime and dirt. Ths reason is simple. Derek hss found that vehicles in real life are seldom spotless. A shiny model will look like a model, but after the treatment that model will appear realistic and as large as life.