Thunderbird 2 hangar door lowers David Lane, Sylvia Anderson and Derek Meddings consult the script Brains Thunderbird 2 in flight Virgil in Thunderbird 2's cockpit
The controllers

Producer Sylvia Anderson Director David Lane end Visual Effects Director Derek Meddings worked closely together, always mindful of the great team spirit which was behind them from the entire studio personnel.

brains behind

Working closely alongside Jeff Tracy at the island base, Brains, the genius inventor of International Rescue's scientific wonders, keeps a constant watch on developments.

His fantastic mind is capable of solving infinite problems in seconds and he is in command of all the facts connected with the Zero X space craft.

thunderbird 2
—ready to go!

Wasting no time, Virgil Tracy takes up position in Thunderbird 2 whilst Thunderbird 1 streaks away to Glenn Field.

Transporter of the heavy rescue equipment, the gigantic aircraft, housed in a hangar behind a cliff face, is compa–

ratively slow, travelling at a maximum speed of 2,000 m.p.h. But what it lacks in swiftness it makes up for in capacity and adaptability. Today the Zero X officials might have cause to be thankful for its presence at the Martian launch.