filming the Thunderbird 3 launch silo Harry Oakes uses the puffer on Thunderbird 3's launch Mike Trim touches up the roundhouse the settee rises up into Thunderbird 3 Thunderbird 3 launch Thunderbird 3 rises through the roundhouse
many models
– one craft

Preparations before filming take up hours of valuable time and one craft such as Thunderbird 3 has to be made in several sizes, all to exact scale. The visual effects teams took five and a half months to complete their vital contribution to 'Thunderbirds Are Go'.

lift off — thunderbird 3

Down into the scientific heart of Tracy Island a moving couch descends, carrying the tense figure of pilot Alan Tracy. With a hum of compressed air the couch jerks to a halt on a trolley riding on a narrow track. Electrical power floods the circuits, and the trolley is whisked forward to the waiting red giant.

Again the couch halts and now Alan is thrust upwards, directly into the control cabin of his craft. There is an eruption of sound as three giant engines kick into thunderous life. As they scream Iouder the craft begins to shudder . . . then she is away, roaring through the Round House for the emptiness of space.

security assured

The Thunderbird machines are on their way, their mission, to be prepared for any hitch in the launch of Zero X. But one problem still remains. Will the saboteur strike again?

Jeff Tracy decides not to take any chances. There is one member of the International Rescue Organisation capable of dealing with any spy . . . and at that moment that person is taking tea in her English stately home.