Thunderbirds Are GO! cinema ticket

the photo novel

in 1967, issue 33 of TV2000 proudly announced the first installment of a photo novel adaptation of Universal's upcoming Thunderbirds Are GO! feature film in Technicolor, Techniscope and, of course, Supermarionation. Produced by Sylvia Anderson, directed by David Lane, the film's one-sheet poster admonished adults over 16 to make sure they were accompanied by children. Never was a movie more eagerly awaited [at least by me and my friends].

The subsequent three issues of TV2000 featured the other installments of this four part photo novel and that month, sales rose to heights unequalled before or since. The cover page of each issue was wholly devoted to this unique publication and the whole series stirred up juvenile anticipation no end, obviously another merchandising masterstroke.

What follows is a w3 version of both the covers, and the pages that appeared in the magazine. As is the case with many other images on this site, the originals were a hodge-podge of tilted and/or overlaid pix, causing me to have a jolly good time [not!] with my mostly wayward paint software. [Also, a word of caution is again appropriate here: since this concerns a photo novel the following pages are quite grafix laden — between 70 and 90k a piece. Estimates are given at the bottom of each page with the link to the next one.]

First Page