Ready for take-off
Then the polished nose-cone is attached to the craft.
inside the cabin
Quietly, the crew listens to the last instructions.
Zero-X ready for take-off.
The engines roar. The plane jumps forward and builds up speed with astonishing power.
taking off
The nose-cone already points upwards... the roar of the enigines increases and then... lift-off!
in the air
The machine climbs upward with a speed of 18 kilometers per second. Soon, wings and engines will be jettisoned.
Zero-X is on its way to space.
co-pilot Greg Martin
Height 20 kilometers, speed Mach 1!
Computer relays click and the mechanism for dropping the wings is activated. But in one of the wings hides a stowaway.
instrument panel
Suddenly warning lights start flickering. The jettison mechanism doesn't work!
the Hood
Only one man aboard knows the reason... His foot is stuck in the mechanism. Desperately he pulls off his mask. It's the Hood!
Desperately the crew tries to get things under control but it's no use. Suddenly the Zero-X is uncontrollable and plunges downward with a speed of 3000 feet per minute.
plunging down