Thunderbirds Are GO!
The flight to Mars is a failure. The Hood sabotages the attempt and the Zero-X plunges back to Earth with stunning speed.
plunging down
The Hood uses a parachute to jump out of the crashing plane.
Captain Paul Travers
Zero-X to Glenn Field. Ship is uncontrollable. We're gonna jump.
Immediately, land and sea rescue jets take off.
Glenn Field rescue
At the very last moment the rescue capsule is launched from the doomed ship.
Twentyfour months after the disaster, the committee inspecting the disaster meets for the last time. Conclusion: firstly, the flight was sabotaged, secondly...
World Council meeting
We have to undertake another attempt within eight weeks...
Our security measures are not sufficient. We can only go if International Rescue is present at the launch.
Jeff Tracy is battling a problem. Should he send rescue machines at the request of the Space authorities when there is no disaster?
Tracy Island
Jeff Tracy
Although it runs against International Rescue's principles, we'll do it. Scott, you take Thunderbird One to Glenn Field...
living room conference
Virgil, you follow him in Thunderbird Two. Alan, you put Thunderbird Three in orbit around Earth.
launching Thunderbird 1
The slender Thunderbird 1 rolls down to its launch pad.