A moment later the swimming pool slides out of the way and...
launching Thunderbird One
launching Thunderbird Two
then Thunderbird Two emerges from its hangar... and takes off!
launching Thunderbird Two
Jeff comes to a decision.
Thunderbird Three in the silo
Thunderbird Three's engines come to roaring life.
Within a few minutes, all Thunderbird machines are underway. Thunderbirds Are GO!
launching Thunderbird Three
But Tin Tin doesn't feel sanguine about the outcome.
Jeff Tracy and Tin Tin
Would the saboteur strike again, Mr. Tracy?
I know of only one person who could prevent that, Tin Tin.
Jeff contacts Lady Penelope...
Lady P.
Penelope rings Parker
At the press conference, Penny presents the crew with special badges.
The badges are fitted with small transmitters. Zero-X countdown is about to start.
Penny, could you attend that spacemen's press conference at Glenn Field?
Fine Jeff, I'll be there.
Get the Rolls out, Parker. We're going to the United States.
Great stuff, mylady.
Crew to launch pad.
Lady Penelope checks the signal of every transmitter in her Rolls Royce.
You rang... m'Lady?
Only number five doesn't check out, Scott. That's doctor Grant.
That's where the trouble starts, Penny. I had expected another sabotage attempt.