Thunderbirds Are GO!
taking off
The new Zero-X space craft is ready to leave. The countdown has already begun... but then trouble starts. Lady Penelope finds out a saboteur is hiding on the base. Scott Tracy smokes him out. It turns out to be the Hood.
FAB 1 in pursuit
Scott is unarmed. The Hood escapes. Lady Penelope and Parker follow in hot pursuit.
racing along the waterfron
Penelope notices just in time that the criminal jumps into a fast motor launch. Parker doesn't hesitate one moment and sends FAB 1 straight into the water.
speeding over the water
The Rolls has the speed of a quality racing boat.
the Hood's heli
The Hood is being picked up by a helicopter. The craft is about to turn onto its pursuers.
gunning for the Hood
But then FAB 1's radiator cannon spits fire.
Parker at the wheel
The helicopter is hit and explodes.
I don't think we have to look for survivors, Parker.
Meanwhile, Zero-X has begun its trip...
Thunderbird 2
Thunderbird Two stays with the craft into the atmosphere's outer layers.
Thunderbird 3
Then Alan takes over the escort in Thunderbird Three.