High up in space, the Zero-X jettisons its nose cone. The trip to Mars has finally begun.
Alan sleeps
Alan returns to Tracy island. His brothers have gone nightclubbing at the Shooting Star. Alan goes to bed and dreams Penny has taken him to an exclusive nightclub.
At the shooting Star
This is a great night spot, Penny!
Cliff Richard and the Shadows
sitting on the car
Cliff Richard Jr. and the Shadows are on stage.
traversing Mars
After six weeks the Zero-X has reached Mars. From the Excursion Vehicle, the crew explores the planet. One day they find strange rock formations. Captain Travers fires a shot at one of them.
the rock snake attack
The rocks turn out to be a sort of snake species that fire back at the vehicle.
The vehicle is completely surrounded. Will this be the end of the courageous space farers?