Thunderbirds Are GO!
MEV on Mars
Strange rock snakes spit fireballs in the direction of the Mars vehicle.
rock snake
Desperately, the astronauts try to keep the animals at bay, using atomic grenades. But it looks like more and more turn up.
MEV leaving Mars
Captain Travers comes to a desicion.
MEV to Zero-X... We're leaving before it's too late...
Thunderbird Five
Back in space the MEV docks with the Zero-X main body. But then Thunderbird Five receives an emergency signal.
Rear lifting body docking procedure aborted!
John Tracy
Father, if those things don't work, the ship cannot land!
Jeff Tracy orders Scott to immediately take Thunderbird One to Glenn Field. Meanwhile, Alan and Virgil leave in Thunderbird Two.
Thunderbird Two launch
Thunderbird Two
to the rescue
Virgil is on his way in Thunderbird Two to meet with the Zero-X.