Virgil shoots a magnetic cable into the landing gear compartment
Thunderbird Two and Zero-X
Alan hanging on
While Alan climbs into the Zero-X, Brains works out a course of action.
Alan fixes it
The escape pod aboard Zero-X is malfunctioning. Alan has got five minutes to repair it.
Fate seems to have decided over Zero-X and its crew but at the very last moment the escape pod ejects from the plane.
the escape pod ejects
Zero-X crashes
The position where it's going to crash is known and a village has been evacuated just in time.
Lady Penelope has taken FAB 1 to the disaster area. With Alan still hanging on to the cable, Thunderbird Two hurries to meet FAB 1.
Thunderbird Two flies along the road
Penny and Alan meet
Nice of you to meet me here, Penny.
The pleasure is all mine, Alan. And I have a surprise for you.
That night, Lady Penelope takes Alan to the nightclub.
The Swinging Star
Penny and Alan
This place is great, Penny.
The surprise is even bigger when Alan discovers his father and the rest of the Tracy family
Father, I hadn't recognised you with that beard.
We're all here to congratulate you, Alan. You're the hero of the day.