Thunderbird 6 cinema poster
Filmed in Technicolor and Techniscope
Made at the studios of Century 21 Productions, Slough. Buckinghamshire. England
©1968 – Production Company A.P. Films – A Century 21 Production
release date July 29, 1968

Production Team

Executive Producer
Gerry Anderson
Sylvia Anderson
Production Manager
Norman Foster
David Lane
Assistant Director
Peter Anderson
Director of Photography
Harry Oakes
Visual Effects Director
Derek Meddings
Supervising Art Director
Bob Bell
Music Composer & Director
Barry Gray
Len Walter
Assistant Director
Len Cleal
Sound Editor
John Peverill
Assistant to Sound Editor
Peter Pennell, Brian Hickin
Character Operator
Wanda Webb
Assistant Character Operator
Sheene McGregor, Charmaine Wood, Linda Rutter
Characters dressed by
Kim Martin
Costume Designer
Tim Martin
Supervising Puppet Sculptor
Terry Curtis
Assistant Puppet Sculptor
Plugg Shutt, Tim Cooksey
Puppet Coordinator
Mary Turner
Supervising Set Builder
Keith Wilson, John Lague
Supervising Model Builder
Ray Brown
Assistant Model Builder
Peter Ashton, Eric Backman
Model Workshop
Brian Smithies
Property Master
Peter Holmes
Property Maker
Tony Dunstenville
Tiger Moth flown by
Joan Hughes
Model Remote Control
Eric Fawkner
Camera Unit
Ted Fowler, Derek Black, Tommy Fletcher
Sound Recording
Anvil Films Ltd.

Voice Artists

Keith Alexander
Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward
Sylvia Anderson
John Tracy
Ray Barrett
Jeff Tracy
Peter Dyneley
Captain Foster / White Ghost
John Carson
Captain Foster / Lane / The Hood / Black Phantom
Gary Files
Tin Tin / Indian fortune-teller
Christine Finn
Brains / Gordon Tracy / Parker
David Graham
New World Aircraft president James Glenn
Geoffrey Keen
Scott Tracy
Shane Rimmer
Virgil Tracy / Hogarth
Jeremy Wilkin
Alan Tracy / Carter
Matt Zimmerman