fact sheet
The Hood
Name: The Hood
Status: Kyrano's halfbrother and International Rescue's eternal nemesis
Date of birth: unk.
Age: unk.
Series: Thunderbirds
Voice artist: Ray Barrett
Source: Thunderbirds 1966 Annual

The arch villain of the World, the Hood is so named because of his many disguises.

He is half-brother to Kyrano and wields an uncanny, supernatural power over Jeff Tracy's manservant which he uses to his own advantage.

Unlike his brother, the Hood is gigantic in stature and has an evil face. His main aim in life is to acquire wealth to the exclusion of all justice and right.

The largest target for his evil ambitions is Inter­national Rescue, for with plans of the organisation's machines he could auction the wonder-craft details to the highest bidder.

Operating from a strange temple deep within the Malaysian jungle, the Hood has eluded capture by stealth and infamous blackmail on characters who he suspects may betray him. Generally he works alone, but on occasions finds it necessary to employ criminals and the dregs of society.

Never can these unfortunate people get the better of their temporary master, for the Hood has a complete disregard for anyone but himself.

This makes him ruthless and calculating beyond compre­hension, and his mystical powers, steeped in the dark regions of Voodoo and Black Magic, hold him aloft as the world's most dangerous man.