fact sheet
Tin Tin
Name: Tin Tin
Status: Kyrano's daughter
Year of birth: 2004
Age: 22
Series: Thunderbirds
Voice artist: Christine Finn
Source: Thunderbirds 1966 Annual

Aged twenty-two, Tin Tin, which in Malaysian means 'Sweet', is the daughter of Kyrano. She was educated in America and Europe, with Jeff Tracy paying all the expenses. He did this as a measure of repayment for her father's faithful services.

Tin Tin was invited to join International Rescue after completing studies in Europe, and she became involved in the organisation's first actual rescue operation when the Fireflash aircraft on which she was travelling was discovered to have a nuclear bomb aboard.

Her educational degrees in higher mathematics and advanced technical theory and engineering assured Tin Tin of a regular job with the International Rescue team. Her knowledge fits in closely with that of the organisation's engineer, Brains, who calls upon her for assistance in laboratory experiments.

Constantly checking and organising the maintenance of all the Thunderbird machines, she has repaid Jeff Tracy over and over for his generosity in financing her schooling.

With the feminity of the East and the sophistication of the West, Tin Tin enjoys the best of both worlds.

Her main interests apart from her work include water-skiing, swimming and designing her own clothes and Alan Tracy, who is constantly by her side.