fact sheet
Virgil Tracy
Name: Virgil Tracy
Function: pilots Thunderbird 2
Year of birth: 2002
Age: 24
Series: Thunderbirds
Voice artist: David Holliday/Jeremy Wilkin
Source: Thunderbirds 1966 Annual

The most serious of all the Tracy family, Virgil is twenty-four.

He graduated from Denver School of Advanced Technology and his diplomas prove that he is the ideal man to control the many varied and complex machines carried by his personal craft, Thunderbird 2.

In looks and colouring, Virgil takes after his mother, and this naturally makes him very close to Jeff Tracy, but never is there a bit of favouritism for it does not exist for any one son.

Virgil never minces his words. If he has something to say, he comes straight out with it, forming instant and definite opinions which have never failed to be correct.

A lover of good music and an expert pianist, he comes in for a great deal of leg-pulling by the other boys, but this does not affect his high regard and respect for them.

It has been said that Virgil has no sense of fear what­ever and his iron nerve seems to back this assessment. The brave young pilot sums his attitude up precisely by explai­ning that fear is a necessary sensation... without fear there is foolhardiness, and as pilot of Thunderbird 2 he cannot afford to jeopardise desperate people by any callous act of disregard.