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Vita Nova postcards

One of the many items of merchandising that was on the market in Holland during Thunderbirds' heyday in the 60s was this set of picture postcards manufactured by the Spanjersberg Bros. company in Rotterdam and sold under the 'Vita Nova' moniker. Since they were made in Holland, I suspect they were seldom seen outside the country. Later, in late 1968, Spanjersberg did a similar set of Captain Scarlet postcards when that series replaced Thunderbirds on Dutch television.

Scott/Thunderbird 1 Virgil/Thunderbird 2 Gordon/Thunderbird 4 John/Thunderbird 5 Lady P. & Parker/FAB 1
living room gathering Scott at London Airport
Brains in laboratory Jeff behind desk Alan/Thunderbird 3 Jeff/Thunderbird 1 Alan in cockpit Scott in cockpit Virgil in cockpit