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Williams postcards

This is a bit of a dark horse as far as I am concerned. A set of eight Thunderbirds' picture postcards manufactured by C.G. Williams Ltd. Apart from the ad displayed below, I have no information about them so I don't know if there's more to this set. As far as I can determine, the first six cards in the set are equivalent to the character title cards used in the Thunderbirds opening sequence minus the lettering. The other two I assume to be publicity stills AP Films issued at the time.

Scott/Thunderbird 1 Virgil/Thunderbird 2 Alan/Thunderbird 3 Gordon/Thunderbird 4
C.G. Williams postcards advert
Lady P in mirror John/Thunderbird 5 Lady P/Creighton-Ward mansion Parker in leisure wear
images sourced from the Thunderbirds Vintage Toys website