Behind the scenes

"Ignore the man behind the curtain!"

It is often said that knowing how a trick is performed takes away the magic. That may be so for magic tricks, in my opinion it doesn't hold true for special effects. Quite the contrary: knowing how a special effect is achieved only serves to heighten the respect for the people that realized these effects. Hence this page, a tribute to the unsung heroes of every Supermarionation production: the special effects technicians, the model makers, the seamstresses, the puppeteers, all those who toiled tirelessly behind the scenes.

This is basically an extensive collection of behind the scenes photos culled from a number of different sources. I have arranged the pictures according to series and, where possible, put them in what I presume to be chronological order. In appropriate cases where such a still was available I added a still frame to illustrate what a scene looked like from behind and in front of the camera. In cases where such data could be traced, personnel names are mentioned in the picture's caption.

images sourced from the collection of Theo de Klerk, the Fandom Thunderbirds Wiki Behind The Scenes pages, the Fandom Captain Scarlet Wiki Behind The Scenes pages and the 21 Century Visions, Century 21 FX — Unseen Untold, Gerry Anderson — A Life In Pictures and Filmed in Supermarionation books